Several years ago, three founders from South Carolina: a professional marketer, a lawyer, and a serial entrepreneur envisioned an “innovative beverage company” and combined their resources to form Carolina Global LLC. Simply put, Carolina Global represents the simplicity of where we are from (the good ol’ Carolinas) and the aspiration of where we are going (as far around the globe as possible).  We spent a few years selling a flavored malt beverage drink called “Happy Juice”. It was a regional hit in the Southeast. We had a lot of fun, learned about the beverage business, and made a lot of people happy! BUT, the formula contained artificial ingredients and was way too sweet and strong. Our drinking and eating habits changed. We wanted to enjoy a refreshing cocktail without disrupting our active lifestyles. In 2016, we concocted a crisp, refreshing and naturally flavored alcoholic beverage and named her JASMINE’S JUICEBAR COCKTAILS. In February 2018, we partnered with Constellation Brands’ – maker of Corona beer for the U.S. – venture group to join forces and take Jasmine’s to the masses.

We’re just a handful of weirdos who want to create great drinks, enjoy fulfilling experiences, travel the world, meet new people… and still live for a while to tell about it.